Lobster Season in the Bahamas

Lobster and Crawfish Limits in Bahamas

Crawfish Season, or Lobster Season as it's called in the US, is upon us! Opening Day is August 1, 2012. Very popular among the locals and visitors to the Bahamas, there are several islands that depend on commercial fishing of the crawfish for their main source of income.

It's important to be aware of the limits for visiting vessels. Bahamian boaters must also abide by the size minimums and egg bearing rules.

  • No more than 10 tails may be taken at any given time.
  • Minimum size limits are 3-3/8" carapace length, or 6" tail length.
  • Egg-bearing female crawfish (lobster) are protected and may not be taken.

We hope your season of buggin' is prosperous and plentiful! If you happen to grab a bug worth talking about, please share your images and story with us.

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